Why We Do What We Do


Natalie White Collection started from a desire to wear beautiful, tailored, feminine shirts and blouses with a bust-friendly fit.  We created a collection that is crafted from the finest quality material with extra attention to detail and made in the USA. We created a Better fit. Better quality.  Better craftsmanship.  

The creator of


A wife, mother and attorney, with her own successful practice, Natalie White is now owner and founder of an exciting new apparel company that caters to a very special clientele.

Natalie White finds little time for clothes shopping and as a woman with a full bust-line it has been especially difficult where shirts and blouses are concerned. Not one to be daunted by a challenge, and exasperated with wearing a larger size to accommodate her curvy figure, Natalie decided if she could not find blouses that fit and flattered her otherwise slender figure, she would create her own. After a series of trial and error, she developed a new “bust friendly” women’s shirt collection that is modern, sophisticated, sexy and feminine…that will look elegant on the many style-conscious women that are looking for this fit.

Born in Kentucky, Natalie White spent much of her young life living in Saudi Arabia and traveling abroad to exotic places such as Singapore, Dubai, Thailand, Jordan, and Egypt…during her father’s position with a large oil company. At nine years old through her teens, she lived and was educated in Saudi Arabia. While overseas, the young Natalie absorbed the fascinating world around her. From the Middle East and Asia, to Western and Eastern Europe, the cultures, traditions and diversity of these exotic ports of call inspired Natalie’s inquisitive sensibilities and fostered a special worldview.

Natalie White Says :

Growing up in foreign countries shaped my life and altered my perspective of the world. I fully embraced the differences between cultures and people. I traveled extensively with my family in other parts of the world which showed me even more how unique yet similar we are in this world".


One of the more memorable experiences was when Natalie took a high school trip to Russia, which included a tour of the Kremlin and a dance recital at the Bolshoi Ballet. This intense cultural experience is one that Natalie says gave her a “unique view of the world” and gleaned insight into the woman she would become today.

After moving back to the United States and enrolling in Western Kentucky University, Natalie majored in broadcast journalism with a minor in government. Soon after graduation, her first job was as a morning anchor with a small, local television station however her first love was law. To be an attorney became a dream after taking a tour of the Kentucky Supreme Court at the state capitol. Natalie recalls “I sat in one of the Supreme Court Justice’s chairs and told my parents that I would be a lawyer one day”.

After a year as a television anchor, Natalie began law school at Widener University in Wilmington, Delaware. Graduating in 2000 she moved back to Kentucky and started practicing law with a large firm. Two years later, as ambitious as she was talented, she opened her own law firm that has been in operation for over a decade.

Natalie White is married to Ryan White. They have three children, ages thirteen, nine and eight. The couple lives and works in Kentucky.